Mount Putuo

Mount Putuo, one small island of 1,390 islands in Zhoushan Archipelago, covers an area of 12.93 square km, is one of four famous Buddhism Mounts of China, Kwan-yin bodhimandala , the first batch of nationally ranked key scenic resort, enjoys the reputations of Buddha Paradise on the Sky and Sea , as well as Sacred Ground of Nanhai.

Mount Putuo Kwan-yin bodhimandala was first built date to the Fourth year of Xiantong in Tang Dynasty (863), experienced Rise and Fall of tired along the dynasty in the history of China, boats for worship crowded in the Mount Putuo dock in a period of great prosperity, Mount Putuo once had 82 temples, 128 huts, accommodating 3,000 monk and nuns at its peak. At present, the three great Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple, as well as Dacheng, Meifu, Zizhulin and so on flourish for pilgrims and tourists to worship and sightseeing. The unique giant Buddha Nanhai Kwan-yin, 33 meter high, appears solemn and gracious, who is worshiped by pilgrims from all over the world. Mount Putuo is famous for its historical and relics as well as cultural antiques, such as Duobao Tower of Yuan Dynasty, Nine Dragon Palace removal and rebuilding from Nanjing Imperial Palace, Yangzhi Kwan-yin Stele built in Wanli Year of Ming Dynasty, all of which are reputed the Three Treasures. Mount Putuo Scenic Resort attach importance to the convenient traffic for tourists traveling in and out , and after these years¡¯ rapid constructions on the aspect, a greatly convenient and perfect traffic systems characteristic of sea and air accessing, standardized administration, good order, and completed service facilities has taken shape, and make great tourism effect for the serving class of Mount Putuo, due to these improvements and the fame in domestic and abroad, Mount Putuo enjoys the reputations of national level hygiene mountain, safety mountain, civilized mountain which have been ranked by national certain administrations in succession, to the most, Mount Putuo Scenic Resort has passed the certification of ISO14001 environment regulation system.

February 19th, June 19th, September 19th of every Lunar Year, passed on the days of Birth, enlightenment, and ascending to heaven of Kwan-yin Bodhisattva, as the Three Shannon Festival of Mount Putuo, attract a large number of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world crowding here, which appears magnificent picture. Mount Putuo also hosts Kwan-yin Culture Festival and Mount Putuo Spring culture festival, numerous tourists and pilgrims come to participate in the activities of lighting Buddha lights, passing on dreams and worshiping peace, and Religious worships, which take on the solemn and prospect pictures of Buddha Paradise on the Sky and Sea , as well as Buddhist Glass World.